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Volta future presents revolutionary outboard motor "iWOP"!

After a total of 5 years of development, the curtain fell. We presented ours at the Electric and Hybrid Marine in Amsterdam iWOP to the public for the first time.

At Volta future we are completely rethinking maritime drive solutions. We always start our developments with a "thinking outside the box" approach. This approach can also be felt in iWOP.

With up to two frameless integrated electric motors including power electronics, a belt drive and a unique shape, the iWOP new standards and offers unparalleled benefits. So it is possible iWOP to be mounted in addition to boats with transom (outboard) also on boats with (usually) inboard instead of the z-gear. Especially this flexibility in connection with a maximum Continuous output of over 200 kW created amazed eyes. The Volta future team is overwhelmed by the feedback at the fair and the number of inquiry emails after the fair.

We will answer the many interested parties as soon as possible.

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February 01.07.2022, XNUMX, Schörfling am Attersee

The booth of Volta future at the Electric&Hybrid can be seen. There was a model of the iWOP, cast case and battery on display.

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