iWOP - the electric outboard motor for all boats

Typical outboard



The well thought-out housing of the iWOP includes all necessary drive components, such as power electronics and electric motors. One System commissioning in the shortest possible time is the result.

The special form of the iWOP serves as a buoyancy body and thus replaces the trim tabs. At the same time, this special shape allows Installation on all boat variants without modifying your boat hull. Do you have a transom boat? - no problem! Do you have a z-gear boat with a bathing platform? - no problem! With this unique concept we enable shipyards to quickly electrify their fleet on the one hand, and end customers on the other hand every existing boat in one go to convert to an e-drive.

Do you have special requests/demands for our drive? through the extremely high level of development we can respond specifically to your wishes and the Adapt the drive to your requirements!

The innovation in detail

Belt drive
intelligent coupling and regulation of the motors via a belt drive, we are breaking new ground. This pioneering spirit with attention to detail enables us high-performance drive systems to design with an unprecedented compactness and efficiency. The complete drive remains intact over the entire service life oil-free and maintenance free.

Even with cooling we set new standards. Due to the dual design of the electric motors, the stator cooling surface has been reduced compared to conventional 250kW motors clearly increased. Paired with the frameless integration and our unique dynamic pressure technology the cooling of the electric motors and the power electronics is easier than ever. We need no impeller and no additional cooling pump.

power Electronics
Our demands on the power electronics/converters are high. Installing an e-outboard should be as quick and easy as possible. For this reason, installing the converter including the cooling unit in the boat was out of the question for us. To you to avoid unnecessary assembly work, is the entire power electronics including the cooling system in the iWOP integrated in the motor housing.

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Dual electric motor – we redefine performance

Our electric motors were specifically for use in boat drives developed. Classic electric motors in this power range tend to have larger stator diameters. The completely new development of the engines made it possible for us to Stator diameter of 165mm with an active length of 275mm – an absolute novelty!

0 kW
0 PS
0 NM

4500 - 5500RPM

continuous power

0 kW
0 PS
0 NM

4500 - 5500RPM

Top performance


In addition to the drive as Heart of the complete system the battery is a central core element. Our system architecture allows battery packs to be connected in parallel, so we can most space-efficient solution combined with maximum battery capacity for your specific boat hull.

~ 0 V
0 kWh

1050 x 750 x 295 mm

voltage [nominal]


Dimensions [LxWxH]

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