About Volta Future

Volta future introduces itself

"Good outboards are easy - but it's not easy to build good outboards"

The offer to electric marine propulsion was sparse or non-existent at the time the company was founded, especially in high performance classes. For this reason, we have set ourselves the goal of Marine world with our technology and understanding of intelligent, high-performance and robust outboards to revolutionize and to close the supply gap in 2022. We set ourselves the goal technology leader to become and to stay!


The first prototype was launched back in 2015 - at that time still operated and financed as a private individual, but beyond the performance classes that were available on the market in 2015. The focus was always the same: a high-performance, innovative drive with a compact design.


Visionary thinking and recognizing possibilities and trends before they are obvious is the basic requirement for real change. Volta future wants to revolutionize the world of maritime drives through technological leadership and new approaches and enable uncompromising electric mobility on the water.


In top management, we bring a total of over 25 years of experience in the automotive industry. We therefore also rely on our products for the highest quality, performance and safety according to automotive standards.


It was never our aim to electrify an existing outboard, even if this would have been the easiest way to enter the market. Our goals were more ambitious. We wanted to create the best possible product and have not left this ambitious path.



Horst & Thomas

Like many great success stories before us, our vision of an outboard engine first came about on a simple sheet of paper and later in a small garage on Lake Traunsee in Upper Austria. We realize the vision of technological leadership with a young, innovative team and the necessary foresight in corporate management. We always follow our credo: "Good outboards are easy - but it's not easy to build good outboards".



Horst is an enthusiastic boater and e-mobility pioneer. As early as 2015, he converted his boat to a powerful electro-POD drive on his own, as there was nothing on the market that met his requirements. This is where the idea of ​​the iWOP was born. With the founding of Volta future, he turned his hobby into a profession, so to speak, and gave up his existing job with a heavy heart in order to focus exclusively on the new company. Before that he worked for almost 20 years in a company that supplies all well-known OEMs and Tier 1 of the automotive industry. The last 10 years as Managing Director. This experience and the automotive standards are also our claim for the maritime world.


Thomas also comes from the automotive industry and brings years of experience in project management and sales to the company. By founding the company, he realized a dream. As a self-confessed motorsport enthusiast, he is only satisfied with the maximum possible performance - you can feel that in every detail.